The Japanese-Style Jute Tissue Case Napkin Holder combines traditional aesthetics with practicality. This jute tissue case is inspired by Japanese design, featuring a natural and eco-friendly material that adds a touch of warmth and simplicity to any space. With its compact size, it can hold a stack of napkins or tissues, keeping them organized and easily accessible. The intricate weaving pattern and earthy tones of the jute material create a unique and calming atmosphere. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom, or dining area, this Japanese-style tissue case enhances the overall ambiance while serving as a stylish napkin holder. Embrace the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship with this charming jute tissue case

Material: Acrylic
Size:Ā Length 18cm / Width 12.5cm / Height 8.5cm
Color: as shown
Quantity: 1 pcs

Japanese-Style Jute Tissue Case Napkin Holder


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